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Holly Marks is a skilled artist, working with a range of mixed media. She has many years experience as a freelance mural artist, creating stunning murals in private houses as well as hotels and resturants in the UK, USA and Europe.
  1. Flaming June Stairway
    Flaming June Stairway
  2. Monet-inspired Bathroom
    Monet-inspired Bathroom
  3. 70s Retro Stairway
    70s Retro Stairway
  4. Rackham inspired Lounge.
    Rackham inspired Lounge.
  5. Mucha Living room.
    Mucha Living room.
  6. Arthur Rackham Hallway.
    Arthur Rackham Hallway.
  7. Giant Tulip Bathroom
    Giant Tulip Bathroom
  8. Workshops
  9. Mucha Bathroom
    Mucha Bathroom

I paint murals of any size directly onto emulsioned walls. Using Acrylic paint, I can build up layers and depths of colour subtly to create the desired effect. Work can also be treated with a clear waterproofing sealant for protection, primarily advisable in bathrooms.
I worked full time as a mural painter from about 1988 to 1992. Unfortunately most of the photos ot this work have been lost or are too poor quality to show here.  
I have continued to paint murals here and there and although commissions are less frequent, they are a real treat for me to work on.

A recent commission reminded me just how much I enjoy it!
I am happy to make a site visit, assess and create a layout and quote, with no obligation to have the mural painted.